Design Thinking/Making @EBSB

At EBSB, we utilize modes of design thinking with the practice of building to create engaging classrooms with engaged boys. We use design thinking/building (db) in our leadership team meetings, faculty meetings, how our staff design curricular units from content integration to student-designed grading rubrics. We use db to build empathy toward making connections between ideas, content, objects, and each other. Below are a few tools we've designed to make db a part of the day-to-day fabric/practice of the school.

Following are some great resources for boys, families and educators.

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On Design and Building:



Shop Class as Soulcraft, Matthew Crawford
Out of Our Minds, Sir Ken Robinson

A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink

The Third Teacher, How Design Can Transform Teaching and Learning

Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People, Emily Pilloton

Taking Design to School

Case for Hands-on Learning

Forbes article on spatial reasoning in schools

Innovation, Education, and the Maker Movement

New York Times article on craftsmanship and making

How Does the Act of Making Shape the Brain?



Changing Paradigms, Sir Ken Robinson TED talk

Schools Killing Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson TED talk

We Are Makers, Dale Dougherty TED talk

Teaching Design for Change, Emily Pilloton TED talk

Human Centered Design, David Kelley TED talk

IDEO Shopping Cart Design Challenge Nightline video

Studio Schools, Jeff Mulgan TED talk


     Cool Programs/ Schools/ Websites Design Thinking Bootleg Bootcamp

East Bay Maker Faire


Makerspace,a space for young makers and educators

Project Make at Analy H.S., Sebastopol (article)

MIT InvenTeams, approach to STEM (notice similarities to EBSB?)

Henry Ford Learning Institute (design thinking in action)

Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum K-12 design program